1000 Slovakian sights and monuments, 2. vydanie – Ján Lacika

Veľmi obľúbený produkt 1000 Slovakian sights and monuments, 2. vydanie - Ján Lacika od značky s dlhou históriou Ikar ľahko zaobstaráte práve teraz vo výhodnej akcii! Momentálne k dispozícii za 26,40 EUR.
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1000 Slovakian sights and monuments
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Značka: Ikar
26,40 EUR

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By presenting a thousand remarkable sights created by Man and Nature, this attractive photographic book fittingly introduces and describes Slovakia, a land that indeed deserves attention for its uniquely beautiful landscape. The country has witnessed various landmarks of European history; moreover the geological development of our planet has also left its footprints here. Only a few countries in the world can boast so many various sights nestled in such a small area: rocks, Alpine peaks, forest-steppes, lowlands, and mineral springs and spas, as well as architecture with its spectre of all artistic styles incorporated into the splendid churches, preserved as well as derelict chateaus, mansions, ruins and fortifications. Over the centuries all of this has been complemented by the modern infrastructure of the landscape, which has realised its value and offers all that is required for modern holidays – well-equipped skiing slopes, tourist trails, excellent reservoirs, chalets, hotels…